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December 20th session / Exocet Wave 105L review

Lake Ontario Paradise Park, Ajax, Ontario

Wow! What a day! December 20th and out ripping it up with Fathom right on our home turf for once.

I was so happy when Fathom texted that he would come out and play that I let out a big “YES!” Shortly thereafter Hangloose sent me a text that he’s going to the 4.2M, to which I say thanks for the insight.

I rigged up the 5.0M and since I was dying to try out the new board, out came the 2007 Exocet 105L Wave for a test drive. I purchased it off of a seller on the WCS classifieds for $475 and it came with a decent fin and a top quality Dakine board bag, AND it was in great condition.

The ride:

I’ve always been pretty sceptical of big wave boards and the almost bogus claims they’ve made. “How can a bigger board ride waves?” I thought, but this board does it well! My first run out it was nice to find that the board had a relatively soft ride given the confused chop but coming in was when the board really showed its abilities. The board was staying in/on the wave and was quick to snap around back into and off the wave face, and it jibed like a dream. I can’t wait to take this thing out to Sandbanks next summer and really focus in on riding front side.


The board flies upwind with just slight rail pressure, no need for a big fin at all. I was on a 26 cm fin but easily could have been on the 24cm or even the 22cm to loosing things up a little bit.

Durability: (This is a major consideration for me)

I managed to bounce the mast of the nose which stuck an “Oh crap!” voice in my head but on closer inspection – zero damage. When I came in the side of the board got banged onto the rocks while fluttering in the wind. Another “Oh crap!", but zero again. Bravo! No more freestyle eggshell!

That all said. Is this the same as riding a small wave board? Heck no, but it sure is close given its size.

The session:

At first some confused chop but nice big waves on the outside. I actually manage some nice clean front side turns on the outside. One standout run was jibing right in behind Fathom and doing synchronized turns just behind him on the one wave up wind of him. It was a surreal experience, like being in a video and watching it from above.

As the session progressed the wind got stronger and stronger requiring multiple equipment adjustments. By the end the forearm fatigue was making it tough to sail. Bummer as the waves were getting organised and could have easily gone down to my 81L board.

Thanks to Fathom for taking some pictures and videos. I really appreciated it, and so fun to watch the videos after. I’ll try to post them on YouTube later on. Thanks to Fathom for joining. It’s always nice to have someone to sail with and share the stoke! I was bummed that Old Whitey never made it. That would have been the icing on the cake… time.

Pictures attached are screen grabs from videos, hence the blurriness.

Weather Conditions

Nice waves outside

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  E 25-35 3




  Exocet Wave 105L /NP 5.0M Core


  2 hrs.

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