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Good to the last drop!

Lake Erie Erie

To me, this year was like a good vintage bottle of wine...

This morning guys started to back out of today's session. So I started to re think, but since I had nothing on and Casey was still in, I thought I'd take my kit for a ride to the beach. Felt real funny going to the beach with snow boots rather than flip flops! Got there for noon. lots of snow and lots of whitecaps. It was blowing good. Casey texts saying he's running late, so I relax and have some cold lunch. Took a walk to the shoreline thinking it'd be freezing, but somehow it really looked colder than it actually was. Casey arrived, and as usual was all hyped up to go. While analyzing the situation, I started to get real cold, and it was also starting to get late, so I thought I'd pass and take photos instead. he went out for about 20 min and came back with a big grin and telling that I may be kicking myself tonight! All of a sudden something something snapped in my head. In a matter of minutes, my 4.2 was rigged and all suited up. Still couldn't believe I was doing this! Waded through some ice at the shore line and off! It was windy..and gusty. I was surprised that I was not cold at all but somehow my eyes were watering with the cold wind blowing on them. Today I had forearm fatigue, so no real wave riding except for a few small backsides. Air time was no problem but was a little picky with the ramps. Casey was killing it with his riding and backloops. I think I need to get a pair of the dakaine mitts! I had to come in the shallows and stretch my forearms way too often, Still, I was glad I did it. Session had to be cut short for me as I had committed to leave the beach by about 3.30. Good session indeed. Wind had a lot of punch to it..and so did the waves!

A verry happy end to the year...Hope 3013 will be better....Next week...Baja!!

Weather Conditions

Cold, windy and lots of snow

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 25-35 1




  Goya 92L Quad/Simmer 4.2


  1 hrs.

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