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Vulcans [Day 9]: Keep on practicing! (Jenn gybes!)

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Just so I remember which day this was:

3 hours trying to get some invitations printed GGGRRRRR! Yay errands!

Same setup as yesterday however when we arrived there was already some solid whitecaps on the water.

Kevin was rigging 4.8, Jacob 4.7 and Brad 4.4. Hm..... 4.5 / 5.0 again it is! (Since it was definitely not windy enough for Jenn to be on a 3.7).

As we hit the water together, I went off first. I can't remember how it ended up lining up this way but after a reach, I was heading back out and in passing Jenn on her return trip she yells:

"Look at my hair!!!" and keeps on whizzing by.

I look back to see her pony-tail flapping in the wind!!! She made her first gybe of the day (and I believe her 2nd one ever!)

The day before I had given Jenn a suggestion to try and go for a step gybe since she was stopping her carve mid-way through the turn when she tried to flip her rig. Turns out that was the ticket!!!

I spent my session playing around in the crowds (and boy was it crowded down at the stick). Kept on trying to pop the board and turn it around and keep my feet. Don't feel like I made any big progress other than to slide some.

Z finally sent me some video of myself gybing and I took a look at it and definitely see what Sofi/Brad were saying about my attempts. I definitely need to think more about what to do next (dig the nose in, get the sail in the right place). Also; I'm not rotating nearly as much as I think so I need to work on that also (via digging the nose like Sofi said)

Anyway, fun day down at the stick before heading off to Boston for a week.

Weather Conditions

Steady and strong 5.0 the whole day.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-22 16




  99L Skate/5.0 Wave3D


  2 hrs.

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