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Change of pace at Coyote

San Francisco Bay Coyote Point

Jenn decided to stay home for this one to go for a run and do final wedding prep.

I was on the verge of heading to TI, but didn't trust the OSR's and saw the sensors just drop. Apparently the sensor was just reading the wind-shadow and TI was great; either way, drove down to the stick to join Sofi/Jacob.

Got there and it was nuking. Smoke on the water, overpowered 3.7 conditions. WTF!! Pedro was calling it a day and Jacob was heading out on his 4.1 and quad. Sofi had left to go try Coyote, and after some encouragement from Pedro, I went along with Tejas and Neomi.

Asma was WAY out in the bay when I arrived and Sofi told me to rig up 5.0 (amazing what a 15 minute drive can do!!!). Went out and was lightly but fully powered as I went out... way way way out... to try and find Asma on the water. Probably 2 miles out, finally found her along with a bunch of other sailors enjoying the rolling swell.

Gybed and rode some swell for a bit, then followed Asma in to shore as she traded with Sofi. I went back out for another reach and when I hit the windline, I was fully overpowered. As Asma left, the wind had just ramped up a few notches. Sofi quickly came out and together we stayed close-ish to the wind-line.

Sofi was throwing forwards like it was going out of style, getting big air and getting some solid rotations. Eventually Tejas/Noemi made out on the water but they were having a hard time in the stronger winds.

Spent the session doing gybes, duck gybes, some trick attempts closer to shore and lots of port-tack jumps. A big bounce-fest though as the chop was steep and hitting you dead on.

Had a final hurrah windsurfing with Sofi and Noemi, while Tejas was stuck further down-wind. He came in frustrated but I had a great session. Followed it up with burritos from South San Francisco on the drive home. Awesome.


+ Lots of port tack jumping

+ Made another super clean vulcan

Weather Conditions

Pretty darned powered up on the outside, super light on the inside. Port-tack chop hitting you dead on while starboard had you thread the line / come up over the backside of the waves.

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-27 21




  99L Skate/5.0 Wave3D


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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