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Anybody read the N G.Bay buoy?

Georgian Bay North Bruce

Cabot Head rd. - almost feels like a mini BC rainforest coast at times. Great scenery, great waves, low wind. No windsurfing. Good thing I brought a 120L SUP ;). A few spots were a bit savage with rock bash shorebreak action likely. Found the best (and safest) spot was where waves wrapped around the NE point of the peninsula. Good times until the board yanked itself free from leash, which sort of tied my feet together (found a flaw with coil leashes lol). Ditched the leash to swim after board, wasn't feeling the board chase game again after looking for the leash, so packed it in.

Either way great smooth waves in Canadian paradise. Constant barrage of shoulder- head highs peeling in at the break zone, some big slow overheads out further.

Lighthouse view from the escarpment after drying off was worth the drive alone!

Weather Conditions

monster swell, low wind

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  SE 5-15 16






  2 hrs.

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