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Over guesstimation or bad timing?

Lake o. Mcp

Actually both. Was a solid 15 knots from east at 3pm but when done loading and rigging and pfaffing about it had, of course, pulled back to under 10.

I had ambitiously packed my short board but was pleased I opted for the phantom as it just seemed to offer 8 knot puffs. Not enough for the point seven either.

I like those sails - solidly built and look unique on the water. I did get a few nice runs on the swell back in but wasn't really feelin' it.

But any time on the lake is better than none.

Fantastic sunny day and warm water. LOOFS forecast was a little OFFS! Windsurfcanada's was much more accurate. Good to see at least 6 other sailors out even tho they were farfromplaning. I guess they overestimated the wind too.

Weather Conditions

Sappy east

The Day at a Glance


   5-9 20




  Phantom 380/Point seven 7.6


  53 min.

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