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Rocktober this is not.... chasing wind

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Spent the morning mountain biking with Jenn but making it home by 2pm for a hopeful windsurf session in the afternoon.

Showed up at the stick and it looked pretty good and I planned on rigging 5.0. Jacob was heading to Haskins, but hey, don't leave wind to find wind right?


Rigged up the 5.0 as the wind dropped and dropped. Soon it looked to be 5.7 and then not even that. Got word that Jacob was doing well on a 5.3 at Haskins so I de-rigged, and drove down to Haskins still in my wetsuit.

Nothing there. ... I mean.. there was an occaisional gusts where Jacbo and George were planing but that ended quickly and they all came in.

Curses..... again....

Decided to call it quits and went to Costco (yes... salvaged a windsurfing trip with a grocery trip). Just as I'm about to leave the parking lot on the way home (via the 101, driving past both launches), I get an email from Z... Candlestick is blowing... hard. I check the sesnor and sure enough it's skyrocketed and was reading 24g27.

Arrive and see Z rigging smaller (4.7) so I rig up 4.5. Misery loves comapny I figure and it looks stinking windy. Hit the water in what must have been 3-4 minutes and was planing from shore. Amaaaazing. The sun was going down behind San Bruno mountain at this point, but hey.. 30 minutes of 4.5 would be WELL worth it!

Instead I got my return trip after a spock attempt... followed by one more reach planing in a gust.. then it shut down until even Bill who was out form earlier holding onto a 5.8 could water-start up. Came in and called it a day. Z had to climb over the rocks down-wind and walk back upwind through the park.

Turns out while I had gone to Haskins.. Bill had waited and waited and just as he was leaving it came up. His patience paid off (probably waiting on shore for 1-1.5h). Well... at least I got wet and got some errands done!

Weather Conditions

Great 4.5 for about 2 minutes.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 2-25 15




  99L Skate/4.5 Guru


  10 min.

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