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In Love

Lake Ontario Macs

Headed up to Macs to sail with my friends and frankly, this is where everyone was going!! Had my first real wave session in my sailing career and what can I say.....I am in Love!! It was fun sailing yesterday but super crazy chop out in the middle with above mast swells by 5:00; challenging and fun to jibe down these monsters. It took me some time to work out why I was sailing all alone at first, then I realized everyone was about 500 yards upwind in Upper Macs (just learned the name). 3 long upwind legs the pure heaven!! For the first time, I caught a wave in the sweet spot and nailed a few turns on it while riding it all the way in....all the videos of guys laying down the sail at the bottom, leaning forward, and shifting the hands forward at the top of the wave when cutting back down really helped me......till I bailed at the end and was in the washing machine!! LOL

Not enough skill to be in the right spot everytime and was starting to get exhausted which has a direct corrolation on how well you execute, but non the less, I fell in Love with the waves and cannot wait till my next session!!

Missed you Fathom and had lots of fun seeing how far riNR has come in the last 2 years....not that he was ever bad, but you can see the TOW and in the waves he has put in while I was on a break from the sport!!

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