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Happy to be on the water

Erie Rock Point

I pray for the wind gods to line up with today as it's the only day I have a "pass" for. Leave home around 11 and head to Long Beach. Check out roads 18, 26 and not much going on (yet). Good to see Yves again. Keep heading west to buddy's place. Hang out until 3, and all of a sudden the trees start moving and whitecaps fill the bay. Then the dash is on. Rig up 5.5 and head out with the 8'5 rogue, but not that great. Wind had backed off a little. Back to shore to wait. 10 minutes later we're back on, only now it keeps building. 20 minutes of that and time to down size. Blast back out on 5.0. It's good for awhile then the SW switches to West,which is usually good, except it backs off a little. Head back in cold and tired and decide to call it a day. Then the rain came. Using my GPS watch, top board speed today was about 23 knots. Bit of a wonky day with the delayed wind, cold air, and changes in direction, but happy with my jibes and glad to get back in the foot straps.

Weather Conditions

Big swell, cold

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-25 12




  8'5" rogue wave/5.5 and 5.0


  1 hrs.

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