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My horizontal paradigm shift!

Lake Ontario Mac's Point - SBX

I never thought I could sail that kind of wind, but I did!

The drive down through the county was amazing! Weller's bay was walls of swirling water spray, driving across Hwy 1 a gust blew the leaves off the corn stalks creating almost "white out" conditions, Lake Consecon looked like trains of waves moving down the lake, East Lake on fire, tree down across the road to Mac's. I came in from Picton way only to find Kevin and one guy from QC coming in by red farm for a hellish walk of shame. I stopped and everyone into the white bus I got them back to Mac's.

Once there I could not believe my eyes. Guys were making that insanity doable?!?! Wow! I hung around and watched the free show but the wind just kept building and building and the gusts were beating on the windsurfing elite.

Considering I still had the sour taste of being frustrated last Saturday on my 3.7M there, Wes and I headed to West Lake to avoid a repeat performance for me.

Got to West Lake to full on 50 + knot gusts coming straight on shore. Rigged up the 3.7M (properly this time) mast track full forward, fin back, and ready to rock.

First run out the sail felt a little twitchy so took the slightest bit out of the outhaul and from there on in it was pure sweetness. Sailing there was like Beaverton on crack but bery manageable and oh so much fun. Hitting knee to waste high ramps at full tilt and hucking as hard as I could was just pure heaven. Sailing goofy footed worked great for slashing the clean lines of swells. Many times I hit the breaking water to shoot off some aerial off the lips. I thought that would be impossible in small waves but not with that kind of wind.

After a while Wes opted to call it quits and go home but I threw the rigged sail in the van and headed to Mac's. The wind had backed off somewhat and now that I had my sea legs and a perfectly rigged sail it was a treat. Super clean half pipe waves with glassy faces near the shore made back side rides a treat. Going out was fun catching some air in the gusts. The only crappy part was the sun going down and riders calling it a day but I can lay claim to last guy in the water.

We all headed to Acoustic Grill for some great food and apres session stoke. Kudos to everyone who even tried and especially to the windsurfing elite who inspired with their skills.

I left there just wanting more of that and I've never felt in control on anything sub 5.0 but with the perfect rig setup it was nice to make the majority of my jibes, huck big airs at West Lake and then take that over to Mac's and do the same.

Weather Conditions

Freaking crazy but sweet!

The Day at a Glance


  SW 40-52 15




  81L Poison wave/3.7M Ezzy Wave SE


  2 hrs. 45 min.

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