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I just want to sail something in the 4s

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Thought today looked reasonable and it was going to be an easy, good wave day. Well we got the good waves but we also got the wind. Some N to the breeze but we launched at mac's anyway. Too many good sailors around again to go anywhere. I don't remember this many people, this late in the year before. Mostly Quebecois again although Ontario was well represented today. After last Friday - it actually seemed a little tame despite the 40 knot gusts. Some amazing wave rides on my 4.2 to start (at uppers) but then just too much wind. Switched down to 3.8 which was better. True side-off making the rides .smackable. Fathom looked good today with some real lip bashes. The usual stars as good as ever although it seemed like everyone was caught a little off guard with the strength of the wind on the outside. Air was chilly but water was still fine for palmless mitts that I only used while heading out.

Weather Conditions

Windy, side-off, chilly

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-41




  RRD 83 Quad/Simmer Icons 4.2 ans 3.8


  3 hrs.

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