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Georgian Bay Allenwood

Text From allenwood late morning did not show too much promise. Had met my Thursday deadline and had Friday to myself, so decided to take a chance since he was going to be there anyway. Drove up in the rain, at times heavy, other times just a light drizzle. A-wood was all rigged up and ready to go, but winds were light at about 10 kts! 15 min into the wait and he goes for it on his larger gear. I rig XL and as I finish, he's in to rig down. Re rigged to L and took out my 92L. Nice building breeze with small waves, but they were a little disorganized and wind dead onshore, however had good fun hitting the lip backside! Winds kept building to totally out of control, so rerigged and got the smaller board. Also, wind shifted to NW with more orginized building waves which gave way to some sweet frontside turns. Wind kept on shifting to more Northerly and was getting multiple turns on the same wave. Fun fun fun until I wiped out and saw a little rip in my sail. Quickly taped it up and was back out within minutes. Couple more rides and my outbound harness line breaks! Talk about Murphy paying a visit! By than it was getting pretty late and was as if someone was warning me to call it a day. A-wood decided to do one more run and I decided to follow, old school muscle power till I can't hang on any longer knowing that on the way in the harness line was still good! Another fun day out there and glad to have shared it with Allenwood!

Weather Conditions

Cloudy, Light drizzle, wind and building waves

The Day at a Glance


  NW 18-30 5




  Goya 92L Quad /78L Quad/Naish Chopper L, M


  2 hrs.

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