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beating the polar vortex!

Sea of Cortez Los barrillas. Baja California

2 blissful days of B&J windsurfing in shoulder to head high swells, warm water and warm steady 25kt side shore winds. On the 3rd day, the winds let up a bit, so decided to cruse around. ended up in a hot spring in the mountains, followed by a swim in cool pond fed by a waterfall. I windsurf weren't calling for much wind for the next couple of days so we did a little side trip where I got to swim (snorkel) with a whale shark (hi lite of my trip!), and did some grey whale watching on the Pacific side. When we got back 2 days later, I learned that the winds blew 30kts (go trust i windsurf!) Ah well, the swim with the whale shark and the whales and dolphins made it worth the miss! I also nailed three of the nicest flat water SUP sessions I've ever had, SUPing in perfectly calm warm clear waters over huge schoosl of dorados and tonnes of other fish including some manta rays getting air born!

Weather Conditions

Awesome! Not a cloud in the sky, warm steady winds

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  N 25- 30




  RRD fsw 86L & 95L/North wave 4.7 & NP 5.2


  7 hrs.

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