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First day of the season, April Fool's...not

Ontario Paradise Park

I actually did not look at the forecast until rINR texted 'you're sailing?'. Manage to finish all the work before noon and headed out to Paradise park as the wind kept getting stronger.

Put my suit on at home (wife thought I was nut). Met rINR there.

First day of the season, so everything was rusty, down to the rope pattern to the downhaul. Finally went out on 5.8, but it was overpowering, harness lines in the wrong spot, so sail right back. Darn gloves, cramps up the forearms just in one run when you're fighting the sail.

Eventually rerigged to the trusted SF 5.0, and everything went smooth.

A bit of a shadow near shore (just like SBX), then it was shoulder high at times on the outside. Did a few backside rides. Nothing spectacular.

It was just fun to be out again, chasing and watching rINR surf.

The only cold parts were the hands when switched to really thin gloves (but no cramping) when left in water too long. Otherwise body was toasty warm.

It was a really nice surprise to be out today.

Ended the day looking at waves in turquoise green water with sunshine.

Weather Conditions

Mellow waves, realatively steady wind. 1.5C water. 9C air.

The Day at a Glance


  E 18-24 2




  Tabou PW 85/HSM Superfreak 5.0


  2 hrs.

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