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F I N A L L Y- got some ACTION!

Lake Ontario Paradise Park

Sort of debated going at first but when Fathom said he had time in the afternoon I knew I had to "man up." Surprisingly I got there and it was sunnier than anticipated given the rainy forecast for the day. We rigged up and I was dumb, or paranoid enough to go out on the Go 140 and 6.3M. That was a nightmare, so it was back in to get the 105L Exocet wave and change some rig settings. Another crack at it and it was still a fight. The rig was puling like a mo fo and my hands and forearms were cramping from the fight. More adjustments made until the sail was flattened way out. I probably should have been on a 5.8M or smaller but I was too lazy to rig again. Withe sail perfectly balanced sailing was fun and my hands were fine even in the thick gloves since I was just finger steering and hanging of the harness. It was fun to see Fathom getting some of his "trademark" nice slashy jibes off wave faces. Nice rollers on the outside with some to head high, and nice clean lines of waste - chest high waves near shore.I actually mistakenly managed a clew first front side turn when I went to jibe and realized I didn't have enough drive to crawl over so I turn off the wave to try again. Cool! I think I may actually get it now.....but we'll see. Good fun, and so great to get out. I'm praying for more before PSC to get my legs back.

Weather Conditions

Nice rolling swells outside to clean lines near shore.

The Day at a Glance


  E 20-25 6




  Exocet Wave 105L/Ezzy 6.3M Wave Tiger


  2 hrs.

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