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Teaching day

San Francisco Bay Coyote Point

Went down to Coyote Point with Jenn and Sauna to teach Sauna to windsurf for the first time.

After 15 minutes quickly on land we had her out on the 3.7 (Jenn on 5.7 and me on 6.2). I got planing once but other wise was standing around, schlogging around and doing some lightwind stuff on the Skate.

Saunda did great overall on a 160L Go board. The lack of a centerboard had her stall a few times as she tried to turn upwind (in the really really light wind during the 2nd half) but overall she has great balance and is able to figure out how to get the board going.

1 star rating is for purely my own windsurfing fun, obviously overall I had a good day to be on the water and teaching a friend....

Weather Conditions

Whitecaps in the distance which never filled in then died during the course of the day. By the end there was little to no wind.

Annoying amount of chop given the little wind

The Day at a Glance


  NW 3-10 18




  99L Skate/6.2 Duke


  2 hrs.

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