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SBX in reverse

Ontario Paradise

It felt real weird to have Old Whitey meet us instead of us going to SBX to meet him.

If it wasnt for him, I probably woould not have been out on the water: rain, 1C air, 1.5C water...not exactly PSC or Maui and waves were not SBX.

Nice side shore East wind, estimated 25 knots average today with some crazy gusts in the 30's at time. Difficult to manage port tack jumps and sharp waves but getting used to. Front side ride from rINR, back side only for me.

Great to be out with 2 other lunatics.

Took a break around 1pm in rINR's van to warm up.

Then back on the water before work, but unfortunately the rain line came through (thunderstorm watch today) and the wind went weird, almost side off (not good in these temps) going from 5 knots to 30+ knots within seconds.

Packed it in.

Now typing this at work half asleep from the cold and exertion.

Terrible conditions weather wise but tons of fun with the right company!

Weather Conditions

1C air, 1.5C water, intermiittent rain (freezing rain on radar in the middle of the lake)

The Day at a Glance


  E 25-30 1




  Tabou PW 85/Superfreak 4.2 fully downhauled


  2 hrs.

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