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miss my board shorts

Lake Ontario MCP

Met up with slammed33 at about 10.30 am. Light drizzle but not too bad. Didn't seem too windy from where we were standing, but waves looked great! Decided to do a short SUP session....barley made through the break....with a huge effort! An hr and a half in, exhausted and cold and didn't even nail 1 ride! Was riding (or trying to) my wife's board today as mine needs a little repair. Was it that, or was it just too windy? I walked out to the pier and got out the wind meter, it was reading ESE 28 to 38kts! damn !!At least slammed33 was doing way better than me. Decided to pack it up, headed home in my rubber and unloaded the SUP. On the way home, the wind meter reading kept crawling in my brains. Couldn't resist! Re loaded a couple of boards and sails and headed back.Again, didn't look very windy, so rigged big and headed out. It was gusty and the shore break was heavy,especially in the lulls and the gusts were a handfull! What can I say...I hate gloves. Got a few rides and realized I was done!

Weather Conditions

Cold and light rain

The Day at a Glance


  E 10-25 7




  Naish FS 115/Chopper XL


  30 min.

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