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Pre PSC flat water practice

Scugog Caesarea pier

Managed to finish early and arrived at Caesarea at the same time as rINR.

The wind looked like it was lifting up near shore, since I forgot my 8.0, borrowed rINR 7.4 while he was rigging his 8.5. Well, that was a mistake.

The gusts were really strong and I went straight upwind and downwind on the first run out and back. Cramped up my forearms, which took an hour to recover.

Out comes the 5.0 and Pocket wave, now that was perfect. Other than a few lulls, it was steady with some strong gusts. Water was flat, so I ended up practising a bit of sail manoeuver to a shove it and imagining I was bottom turning at PSC, leaning way forward and keeping the board flat going up to that lip.

Otherwise it was cat and mouse (I was the mouse) with rINR.

2.5 or 3hr of that I was done.

Water close to 0C, air around 5C, PSC is going to feel like a bath tub at 17C!

Fun to be out.

Weather Conditions

Flat, strong gusts. It was PSC wave training on flat water.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-25 5




  Tabou Pocketwave 85/Superfreak 5.0


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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