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Life doesn't get much better than this!

Lake Ontario Paradise Park

So we hit the water at 11:10 am and it is blowing really nice and solid and the waves are still starting to work themselves out which left time to get into the zone. As time progresses the waves build with the wind. Fathom and I both come into rig down. He goes from 4.2 M down to the 3.5M and I stick out the 5.2M and add more out haul and finally get to try the newest addition to my quiver. I screw in my brand new 17 cm Makani fins into the quad without any outside fins - twinser style. This set up is magic as it keeps the board fast for bumpy / jumpy conditions while still allowing the board to be slashy and forgiving on the waves and bad jump landings.

Despite the cold weather and water I figure, "hell, it's time to try some serious front side rides on these nice rollin' puppies" . I can't say I mastered the art but I can say I improved my brush strokes. At first I was spinning out, or crashing as I would load up the sail when the clew was wide open. I made some adjustments which reduced that and allowed me to hook some S turns together - POW! Love it! Fathom gave me some great pointers - again - after about throwing my hips deeper in towards the wave face - shoulders rotated, clew hand reached towards nose to allow the nose to snap around faster - "Cool!" can't wait to try that out next time.

The wind did a quick drop at one point just I was entering a nice set of swell near shore that I was reluctant to try because screwing up would put me on some gnarly shoreline. Well, didn't I do just that....came in on the shore after blowing a jibe, to get sucked into getting washed upon the shoreline of broken up concrete, and old culverts with rebar sticking out. I took a BEATING! and how my sail and board did not get damaged is a miracle.....Picture all the videos of guys and gear getting mangled on the iron shore at Jaws.

When I finally get my sorry self back to the launch via the "walk of shame" it was time to go back to the 105L single fin and Fathom was going back out on the 4.2M over that patch of fabric he was flying earlier. Finally at 2:30 we called it a day, and a great day at that.

Session Highlights:

Watching Fathom charge full on into a logo plus sized smooth swell and carve so hard that he was literally horizontal, rig and all, that my point of view coming at him was the tip of his mast with him looking straight past the top of it, his body positioned flat over top of his horizontal rig and the full verticle deck of his board exposed carving / banking off the wave face - Ubercool dude! That image is etched in my mind, and definitely magazine, heck....poster worthy!

Apres sesh highlights:

Realized I hadn't eaten since and 10:00 am and man I was hungry. I stopped in at Metro, grabbed me a sweet Bento Express box of spicy California rolls and kicked back in my toasty van woofing it down while listening to some sweet tunes topped of with Audio Slave "Show me how to Live" cranked to max in the white van.

Pure ecstasy my friends, and one that only the .01% of the population will ever experience. Who needs drugs and alcohol? Foam, fiber, x-ply, wind and water are my drug of choice.

Sorry about blurry images. They're screen grabs off of video. Check out the rollers in the background. Enjoy.

Weather Conditions

Ah ya, awesome! Head high and clean near shore, and logo to occasion mast high clean rollers off shore.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  E 25-30 5




  105L Exocet Wave / 95L Quattro Quad as twinser./5.2 M Ezzy SE - flat and then flatter


  3 hrs.

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