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PSC-10: Closing Ceremonies

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos: Beach Break, Bombora & The Point (sort of)

Another three-sport day (SUP, SUP-sail and windsurf) started with a quick SUP as I tried to put Tyson’s SUP tips into practice while they were still fresh in my mind tips (lean well forward while paddling into the wave, use surfers stance to make you more stable if you are going to get hit by white water from behind (place your back foot up against the foot pad and shift your weight so on your front foot); use a draw stroke to minimize the arching path of the board). Caught a few modest sized waves and tried to test out Tyson’s tips – they all seemed to work!

Then the wind started to build so I exchanged the SUP for RRD WASSUP for SUP-sailing. The conditions were challenging, puffy cross-offshore wind (so deep you could almost sail along the wave face while sailing up the beach on the way out. On the way in, some of the wave were arching into the bay making it feel like you were trying to sneak around a corner before you could catch a wave. I was able to catch a few early coming straight into the centre of the beach, but later found with the wind becoming more off-shore that starting up in the lee of the island seemed to work best. SUP-sailing really helped me practice the tips we were given!

The midday windsurf saw steady wind that allowed you the freedom to explore the corners of the bay and to go out into the open water beyond the kelp bed. Just before my session ended I sailed down toward the south face of the point and considered sailing the east face of the point to try it once before we left (even if not ideal conditions for it).

When the first plane took off those standing on the edge of the runway were treated to their own personal dust storm. When the second plane took off, Jose turned over the ocean so we were treated to a vista of Punta San Carlos before we climbed up over the mesa to travel inland. When we flew over the mesa you could see the giant cacti from the air! Super cool!

It was a full week with over 25+ activities in eight days:

• 10+ down the line windsurfing sessions

• 7 SUP sessions

• 4 SUP-sail sessions

• 3 mountain bike rides

• 1 surfing set

Once we got back into San Diego nine from our group went out for dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse and were treated to a great meal of corner-feed steaks and fresh seafood! But it felt strange to have to choose something from a menu instead of all sharing the same great food at the campo! So we shared appetizers, shared samples from our plates and shared deserts Punta San Carlos style!

Jose the shuttle bus driver told us as we were being driven to Brown Field Airport on the way in, that some people are really excited to leave and other really don’t want to go at the end of their trip.

Would I go back to San Carlos again? In a heartbeat! I found myself in the second group (not wanting to leave). I learned a ton, got to do a lot of the things I really enjoy and had a lot of fun doing it in a very special place with some very special people.

Quote(s) of the day:

Me (towards the end of the session): “Tyson: Is there kelp down at past the point at Chilli Bowl? How deep is water on this super low tide?”

Tyson: “There is some kelp, but it’s too shallow to sail right now.”

Me: “I sailed down to the point and could see the backside of the breaking waves but thought it was best to ask before firing in there.”

Tyson: “Good idea!”

Peter (after the session): “Looked like you choose the right gear today.”

Wyatt (about a half hour before the plane was to pick us up): “You guys are all ready and look keen to go?”

Me: “I will be leaving today, but I would like to linger for long a time!”

Henrik (on the plane trip home): “Where does all of your energy come from? Do you eat something special?”

Me: “I just enjoy doing things and in a place as special as this it is hard not to try to do it all!”

Maryam (in San Diego on the way home): “Every morning when I got up I would see the orange helmet already out, so I thought I need to get up now too!”

Weather Conditions

Wind **** (out of five stars)

Wind looked to be building and setting up to crank maybe even stronger than the day before and I was second guessing my rig choice as it looked to be building just before 10 am, but I watched Michael go out and much to my surprise he looked slightly underpowered. Once out on the water the wind was super steady and consistent enabling you to sail wherever you wanted (upwind and off the wind).

Water/Waves ** (out of five stars)

In the early morning there were some sets rolling through, but on the super low tide at midday the waves seemed to be standing only at the edge of the beach. You really had to hunt for larger ridable waves further out (I got lucky and picked up a few out at Bombora and followed them in).

Jumps *** (out of five stars)

Some jumping both inside on modest ramps and on the larger rolling/breaking swell on Bombora.

Stoke ** (out of five stars)

Although the conditions were super fun, easy-pessy rip and ride, I was sorry to see Michael leave the water early after a hard fall and it was bitter-sweet being the last day. Strange to see the kiters arriving for their week.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 23-26 21




  Starboard Hero 9’ x 33” SUP (paddle), RRD WASSUP, RRD FSW 108 (MFC weed 23)/Ezzy Elite 5.2


  2 hrs.

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