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Lovely afternoon session

Lake Ontario MCP

Lake was capping at about 4pm. It didn't feel too windy, my wind meter reading 10 kts at best which would have been great in waves, Unfortunately it was just chop. Ironicisonic pulled in front of me already suited up and anxious to go. Lovely sunny afternoon, decided to join... He was armed with what looks like a 'bat-out-of-hell' and a 9,5 and me on my big bamboo and a 6.2...mostly sub-planing but felt so good to be on the water. Way more fun than last Saturday in Hamilton Harbor,that was so gusty..where I got planing to the middle of the bay and the wind just shut down! Thank god for a little puff that helped me water start! That session was not even worthy of a post!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  NE 5-10 18




  Exocet 11'8 windsup/Goya 6.2


  1 hrs.

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