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Candlestick bliss!

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Everybody was going to TI but I wanted to go sailing with Jenn so we showed up to an effectively empty Candlestick parking lot.

Rigged up and hit the water. Man, the wind was steady, smooth and the water flat. It was the best that I've seen Candlestick in a long time an reminiscent of last year's early summer Candlestick sessions.

I was sailing around fully powered, first setup for lighter winds and then downhauled + out-hauled as the wind-picked up. Loving the range of the Loco.

Jenn was on the fully-powered side of things, starting on a bigger sail than me, and switching to 4.8 when I was pretty powered up on 4.8. One interesting side-effect, today was the first time that no matter what, I could never catch up to her. I used to always be able to buckle-down, put on the after-burners and chase her down, and now she's flying across the water on her Kode. Her sailing has improved ALOT and now she's going for everything full speed. Love my windsurfing wife.


+ 2 loops, both of which I sailed away from

+ another spock plus a crash that I water-started away from...

Weather Conditions

Jenn started on 5.0, and quickly moved to 4.5. By the time we stopped she should have been on 4.2.

Super flat to start then got choppy as it picked up.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 17-23 18




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  2 hrs.

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