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And again

Columbia River Gorge Dougs

My last day here. Some wind locally, but not quite enough with winds much better E. The wall, a site I've been dying to try, famous for it's steep swell, was reporting currents into the 270's...which is way too much for any swell to happen. So again Doug's was the call. Similar to previous days, but better winds. Was on the L sail for about 45 min and in to rig smaller. The swell also picked up nicely later in the afternoon producing some head high to ride. Mainly nailing a very good percentage of lay down and dick jibes on either end of the river, but real fun on the Washington side in water that feels glass smooth, ripping out of a fully powered jibe.

Guess I really needed this trip! Don't think I nailed the best week the Gorge has to offer, but 5 on 6 ain't bad! Finished the day at a great Mexican restaurant (run by Mexicans) where you don't have to bust the bank to have great authentic food which is so tasty. Will be looking forward to OW's posts next week when he comes down to the hood. Yes, I will be eating my heart out!

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   20-35 20




  Quattro 84L twin/Chopper L , M


  5 hrs.

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