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Flaka [Day 1]: Anniversary session

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

After a rough day back at work following a weekend of exercise, sun, and food, I decided to grab a quick session at the stick, despite most going to other launches (TI/Crissy).

Arrived to find Devin planing around on a 4.7 and had a report of another sailor out there on 3.7. It looked windy and I had my Skate so I rigged my 4.2... so many things I want to work on that I don't want to just sail around overpowered.

Turns out that's what I did... it was indeed super windy.

Went for some spocks, but didn't land one.

Tried a couple of flaka pops on port.

Also landed a clean loop.

In the end a quick session in wind to

While de-regging, I remembered:

Today is my 1 year anniversary... hm.... I feel like for most being here would get me in trouble.

Meanwhile, Jenn was catching the bus to head home to go for a run. I guess we both have our priorities straight :) We'll celebrate later in the week when it isn't a Monday.

Weather Conditions

Strong winds, big chop for the stick. Lightened up at the end

The Day at a Glance


  NW 24-26 17




  99L Skate/4.2 Guru


  1 hrs.

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