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Canada Day on the Bay

Bay of Quinte Trenton

30c and 30knots on the bay..a great way to celebrate Canada day,

started on 5,7, but soon went to the 4,7, , no waves, but still fun bafn bump and jump..unfortunately, i was pretty tired from sundays formula session, and mondays 7.2 slalom session, on pigeon lake, so had to pack it in before the wind actually shut down. : / still managed 2-3 hours. thought i was going to have a heat stroke. : P

gotta say it was a nice change from 9m formula. << although, thats cool in its own right. imo,

anyway.. looks like maybe more of the same tomorrow.. : )

need to recover.

Weather Conditions

hot humid windy

The Day at a Glance


  SW 20-30 30




  tiga free carve 102l/northwave 5.7/4,7


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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