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Lake Erie Erie

Arrived home from my Gorge trip at about 8am after a flight from hell trapped overnite in the airport in Chicago. As soon as I put my phone on, all the 'wind' messages started to come in. I had also checked iwindsurf, so had a good idea about the day, however, as soon as I hit the couch, I passed out! 11.30 rolls on and open my eyes...lookin sunny and breezy out....and more texts. Re check the forecast and the buoys and looks as though i may be able to get some. I get my act together and finally arrive at the beach to guys ripping on 4.7! Waves looked great. Within a few minutes i realize that the wind dropped, so rigged bigger. By the time i set up my 115 and got ready, the winds dropped more.....yes...i get to try out my new Sea Lion (aka sea cow). Waves were real great for a while and managed to get some rides, but with about 130l and dropping winds, i wasn't getting the glide i would from the big out she comes. Winds picked a notch and became steadier which produced a perfect windSUP session. By the end of it all, i was falling asleap on the boom, so packed it up. An interesting note: what a huge contrast from last week's sailing in very strong winds sailing super fast downwind especially riding down the swells to mellow gentle waves surfing gracefully in what seemed like slow motion! So i missed the morning's big winds but i Really enjoied this session ...just wished I wasn't as tired!

Weather Conditions

Sunny and warm

The Day at a Glance


  SW 12- 25




  AHD Sea Lion / Exocet windsup/Chopper XL


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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