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Another great day!

Lake Erie Erie

OK, not as much wind as I expected for today, but it ended up being a beautiful day with plenty wind at first, however a little too onshore. Started off on the M chopper ...rigged more like a 4.2 and was fully lit most of the time. Nailed my best wave ride this season doing multiple turns on a logo high set and when that was done, another beautiful slightly smaller set came through and nailed that too. By the time that was done I was way down wind, so headed way out to get back up. Swells on the outer reef were quite hefty but had chop in between. For the first time I had a couple of spin outs on the quad????thought that maybe some weed, or just me not having sailed it for so long! Back on the beach, a kiter guy, holding a fin asks if it were mine....looks like it! Checked my board and it's got 3 fins on!. Ha, so today I used my quad as a wonder it felt kind of funny!, Rigged the XL, a couple of rides on that and the winds near shut down. Perfect windsup conditions...but left mine at home!

Weather Conditions

Cloudy with sunny breaks

The Day at a Glance


  SW 28-10 22




  Goya 92 Quad/Chopper M & L


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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