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full throttle on the old v8

wellers bay graveyard

arrived to see a good breeze, and lots of whitecaps.. hoped it was enough for the 7.2/114 combo.rigged..but,,not really close. so went for the 9m/formula..well powered! just praticing short runs up and down, and lots of jibes,,

came in and put the gps on just to see,, at first most runs were 30ish kmh,, then upped it to mid 30s.. i felt pretty powered, thought i could go on the 7.2/114 again.. nah..mostly sloggin..some pump to planing,

back on the formula..going faster now..well over 40 on most runs run was just over 43kph.. and i was feeling a bit outta control, so back out on the 7.2/114 again..and now finally powered up. but interestingly, could not come close to the speed of the formula.

thought that was pretty interesting, being able to do 40+kmh in about 25kmh wind.. and im in no way an efficient sailor..and was using a weed fin. starting to really see the potential for formula.

also found out, im way faster on port tack than starboard, surprised me..i was sure itd be the other way,

my best formula day yet.

Weather Conditions

sun cloud and pretty steady winds.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-18 20




  ahd formula/ mistral syncro/np v8 9m . northwave 7.2


  3 hrs.

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