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Lake Erie Erie

Had about an hr on a 115L / XL combo in quite onshore conditions and mostly in rain, at times quite heavy...enough that I had to keep my windward eye closed. Waves had started to build , ok for some backside, otherwise just plain old fun which I'd rate a 3 star....until the rumbling of thunder. Heavy rains for a while, then sun came out. Tried the same kitt and realized that it was epic windSUP conditions, so out came the big bamboo. lent the sea Lion to a buddy so we were switching. Sea lion (aka sea cow) seems a bit technical but started to get the hang of it and nailed a few sweet rides on it, especially fun in the larger more powerful waves. I think i will have some fun on this thing!...and the big bamboo...such a sweet glide...hogs every wave in it's path! Had a tonne of exelent rides on that today!

Weather Conditions

Heavy rain at first, then sunny

The Day at a Glance


   10-18 24




  Naish 115 / Exocet 11'8 windsup/ Ahd 7'6 Sea Lion/Chopper XL


  4 hrs.

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