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pigs can fly

wellers bay graveyard

i did it again.. drove past wind (wellers bay) hoping to find waves(macs)


but while at macs, it gave me opportunity to retape the gaping holes in my 9m from yesterdays session. so did that..and waited. it got worse..

so, back to wellers.. looked pretty breezy, thought i wanted to try sailing the formula in higher winds, so rigged that.. wrong. : / one run,

back in, rigged the 6.2/105 combo and had a blast for about an hour and a half until the wind started to back off. came in, took a break and waited to see if it was coming back,,it wasnt, so as my formula was rigged and ready, went back on that for another hour or more,,until exhausted. great fast cruisin up and downwind.

interestingly,,at least to me..i put the gps on when i went out on the 6.2/105, and surprisingly/disappointingly my best speed was just over 36kmh and at that point it was windy..quite powered up. id say close to 20knots.

whereas yesterday, on the bay of quinte,,in about 10-12knots..with some gusts, i was regularly getting high speed at 39.5kmh.

the formula boards may look like fat pigs. but they can really fly..

Weather Conditions

sun, chop, flat, small swell

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-20 20




  tiga 105 ahd formula/northwave 6,2 np 9m


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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