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winds of change

pigeon lake sandy pt

arrived to see what i had expected..nice 10-15knots.. so rig the 9m/formula, first few runs were great. then boom, the wind cranked up a notch, and i was just too far out of control..kinda surprised as that wasnt in the forecast. so in i go, and wait.

nope, looks like its staying for a while, so i rig the smallest sail i have with me, the 7.2m, and grab the old mistral explosion. but as soon as its rigged the wind disappears. within minutes the whitecaps a gone..

wait..its gotta come back a bit.. nope.

so, pack everything away..just putting the last few things in the van, and feel a gust..some sand blowing around the parking lot. look back out, and the whitecaps are back. not strong, but maybe a good chance to try out my 'new' 9.5, so rigging again..and back out. again..a couple of runs and im ridiculously overpowered.

seriously.? i check the forecast agiain..nope not in forecast. by this time its windy, and im kickin myself for taking the small stuff out of the van.

but run what ya brung,.. 7.2 and explosion it is.

and wow..what a session..super lit blasting, shore to shore, winds in the perfect direction, straight down the lake. not the gear i wouldve normally chosen for the conditions, but things can be worse that an overpowered session on a fast slalom board. stayed on that until it just got too much, and i got too tired.

lots of rigging practice/frustration, but in the end it was very worthwhile.

Weather Conditions

cloudy, gusty holey, finally giving way to clear skies and steady strong winds.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-20 20




  ahd formula. mistral explosion/9m np, 9.5 blast, 7.2 northwave


  4 hrs.

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