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three boards three sail day

bay of quinte quinte

lightwind when i arrived..was especting more, oh well, looked perfect to try the 'new' 9.5, and formula.. quickly rig, wind seems to be picking up,, grab harness, haul the beast into the water..yep, its defo picked up. give it a try anyway, one run,

back in and rig the 6.2/114 combo.. perfect, until buddy shows up, wind immediately drops.. i continue to bob for breezes while he rigs an 8.5, as soon as hes done and hits the water the wind is back on, sweet. he managed to hold on to that for longer than i expected..finally he was in to rig down to 5,4.

once i saw he was ok with that, i came in for the 5.7/105.. and had a nice session working on fall down jibes, splash tacks, and hooked in board off forwards.

then back on the 6.2 to finish up.

interestingly, i just could not get that synro 114 with a 6.2 going as fast as my 22 yr old mistral explosion with a 7,2 a couple of days ago. 46 kmh to 48 for the explosion.. just cold not get it to 50. itll come. maybe.

Weather Conditions

sunny, building wind..water warmer than air.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 12-25 22




  ahd formual, mistral syncro, tiga freecarve./9.5 blast, northwaves 6,2, 5.7


  4 hrs.

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