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Georgian Bay Allenwood

Checked the weather in the morning. Still had NE in the direction which kind of worried me. Huron (Kettle pt) had a little better forecast and looked that it may have a better angle for the forecasted wind. Tried to text a buddy to do the trip together to KP but later realized that the text was never delivered!...damn I(diot) Phone! Anyway decided that KP was just too far to do the trip alone and Allenwood's forecast also looked pretty good, so off to Allenwood! The wind still had lots on N in it when I got there, and not as strong as I was hoping, But still a good breeze. Rigged big and got the freestyle board out and had a blast especially when the wind got to WNW. What a great wind direction for that spot. I usually love that direction there when the wind goes from the W or NW because the massive waves usually get cleaned up and becomes great for down the line riding. Clocking from the NE, the waves were kind of small at first, but very playfull. Winds filled in better and kept slowely shifting as the day went on. I kept playing around changing boards until finally it just got too light. The rest of the crew started to pack it in. My option was to pack it in and head home in traffic or take out the big bamboo. Bamboo won...and I nailed some of the best rides of the day!...Just a good fun summer day! Packing it in, one kiter guy comments that that"s one honkin big board! Well what does he expect....She swallows up all the waves!

Weather Conditions

Sunny but a little cool for the summer!

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-20 18




  Naish 115 / Goya 92 quad/ Exocet 11'8 windsup/Chopper XL


  4 hrs.

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