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Lake Simcoe Port Bolster

I met up with Sean and Windchiro at Port Bolster. The wind was on the verge of good for me. A couple of planing runs on the 105L and 6.3M but spent more time on the Go 140 and 6.3M. Nice to be out ripping around and blowing off the steam or customers frustrating the hell out of me in the morning and making it impossible to go and play with Old Whitey at Point Traverse.

The guys took off and the wind continued to pick up. I did some 4.0 km reaches over to the kite beach and beyond. Ripped around there for a bit while some dude was trying to race me on a kite, only to get his doors blown off. There was at least 5 more knots out in front of the kite beach. It was like wind was lifting off the water to cross the shoreline where we launched from. I came back in and sailed on the 105L for a bit before I had to leave.

Fun to get out in decent wind and warm water. I felt lie the rusty tin man with a lobster tan when I went to measure up a job after. The customer commented that I looked really tired. I explained and they said that's a good tired, I agree.

The best part.....I now seem to be able to sail and exist pain free since visiting my "miracle worker" osteo. No more squeaky hip, rubbing sounds, pain.....etc Too bad it took 5 years to find him. If anyone in the Durham region is suffering from any sort of crazy physical issues then PLEASE visit this guy and don't suffer needlessly like I did for 5 years. I was 1000% times better after my first visit. I sent him an email that said my hip felt natural and I was unaware of it....I even cried in relief.

Dennis Kavish B.P.H.E., RMT

Osteopathy Present Study

Athletic Visions

416 806-3019

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Weather Conditions

bump and jump with some nice swells mixed in

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  N 15-20 20




  Go 140 / Exocet Wave 105/6.3M Ezzy Wave Tiger


  3 hrs. 45 min.

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