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Lake Erie Erie

Got to the beach just before 4. Zeni was just in to change into a bigger fin as the wind had dropped claming that I had missed the good wind for the day but the waves were getting much better, It's all I needed...waves! Averaging waste high with some sets coming in at shoulder to head high near the barge, just floated out upwind, tacked and was nailing some of the sweetest rides of the year, some sooo loooong! Was thinking of getting the sea cow out as the waves were so good but didn't want to take a chance as I was having so much fun on the big bamboo. That board just rocks! Just 3 of us at first, but than a kiter joined in the fun. By the end of the little session, my legs were actually burning!

Weather Conditions

Sunny, Warm

The Day at a Glance


   10- 22




  Exocet 11'8 WindSUP/Chopper XL


  2 hrs.

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