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Flaka [Day 8]: Husband and wife together at Haskins (lake session)

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Really light wind for Haskins so Jenn went out as a wind-dummy with our new (to us) 5.3 Ghost. She was instantly planing from shore.

Felt like an industrial park lake session as Haskins is really flat, and is a short reach between land masses (airport on one end and big pharma office buildings on the other). We were looking out for gusts to get planing and trying to coast through the lulls and it shames me a little to say that it was a lighter day (since I had to put my big 22cm fin and rig a 5.7).

Had some fun. Saw Jenn get 2 duck gybes (apparently she did 2.5). I managed to nearly sail away from 2 spock 540's and a spock with the big rig / big fin, but didn't manage it. Tried 3 flakas before my achilles started to stiffen up after which I took it easy. Kevin's tip on timing (move rig forward then pop) was great, I felt the start of rotation even on a mushy light-wind, big sail version.

New tip:

+ Throw the back up towards the back hand (which should be way forward by the time you pop)

Weather Conditions

Gusty but on the lighter end. 5.7 kept me planing through most of the lulls and was nice and locked in on the gusts.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/5.7 Eclipse


  1 hrs. 15 min.

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