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Flaka [Day 9]: Did I just Flaka!?!

San Francisco Bay Haskins

I'd heard that the flaka was all about having a good initiation, and once that was done, completing a flaka was almost automatic. Well.... that apparently holds true. Early in the session, I managed to get the nose down and felt the tell-tale pivot. This time however I was balanced over the board with the sail feeling backwinded... it felt like the exit of a spock 540, just without switch stance (and less like an exit of an upwind 360 which has me stuffed into the sail to get the slowly turned around before brining the clew through).

Sail stayed up... I exitted... I was in a lull so my but touched the water as I hung low to save it, but got pulled up and sailed away. It was ugly... and it was a fluke to not be repeated that session but I will happily claim it!

Kevin made the call for Haskins so I showed up to find the Candlestick crew there (Candlestick was shut for Sir Paul McCartney's farewell concert). George was also there having come up from Palo Alto.

I was slow to get out on the water, it was a very holey 4.8, but after chatting on the phone with my dad (aside: speaking with loved ones with wetsuit on, while the wind is blowing is a tough thing to do with patience), it had picked up to be pretty filled in (yay!!!).

Spocks on starboard and flaka attempts on port. Didn't make a single spock that day, but on my 5th or 6th flaka attempt, I managed to get one! George in the distance saw it... I schlogged the board in a 180 to head back out, raised my fist and claimed it!!!

Kevin was rigging as I got it, but then he joined on 4.4 and was immediately happy... it had picked up nicely and I was now looking for lulls to try moves and not finding them. Towards the end of the session, I was really hungry to get another, to prove that I could do them now, but never managed it.

Kevin did see one other attempt where I initiated it well, got the sail backwinded but I was slightly off balance and couldn't save it.

I had a couple of pretty bad crashes, losing only the back foot and having my front foot end up very twisted in the strap at awkward angles. One particularly bad one took a bit of paddling around with the foot twisted before I could free it. I was enough that I was thinking to myself: keep calm... figure out which way to move to release pressure.... do that slowly. I imagine going the wrong way or having a wave (luckily there were none) toss the board could have hurt my foot so was a bit rattled and decided to call it a day then.

No sense going for flakas if I wouldn't commit, it would only build up bad habits and result in more crashes.

All in all, a great day though!


+ Still haven't made use of Kevin's "throw my back hip to my sail hand" tip, instead focusing on timing of pop

+ Sailed away from a flaka, and had one other which pivoted nicely to backwinded

Weather Conditions

Holey at the start then got really strong. Probably 4.5 winds for an hour in the middle before dropping a bit.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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