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Well, at least got day one out of the way....

Lako Ontario Ajax

Well, for the last number of years I have not had a chance to stop and smell the roses between my obligations with work, school, and most important, family. I had my Son's baseball championship on the books for the whole day but when Fathom messaged me that the gang was heading down to Paradise for around 1700, this was perfect as the championships would be done and had the green light from the boss!! Got down there just after 1700 to bitter disappointment on the wind, but it was great to see John again.

Headed out on my 93L with no joy, so John lent me his 180L and with a my 6.4, was able to get a few runs in. The was beyond cold and the wind was just not there to sustain the plain, even with the tuna boat that John gave me.

Still, had a smile on my face as this was the first time on the water this year and it just reminded me on how much I miss the sport.....and yes, even the Ontario weather.

Weather Conditions

Water was really, really cold and the wind was on a downward trend. Big rollers though so sometime in the last 24 hours, there was some serious wind.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 8-10 15




  Big Ass Board!!/NP 6.4


  1 hrs.

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