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Windsurfers swarm Haskins

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Jenn was first on the water with the smallest sail we brought for the day (4.2).

She was planing comfortably, though really powered so I went 4.5 while Dan went 4.8.

We were the first on the water with a few guys from 3rd (Philippe) but as the day went on, more and more people showed up. The Palo Alto boys arrived, adding 5-6 people to the water. More dawgs pulled in just as I head out... the crowds kept growing. In the end , there were 17 people, with a HUGE portion of whom were going for freestyle moves of one capacity or another (probably 75% were working on at least vulcans/spocks).

I was really powered and managed some very fast, almost still planing spock exists (losing the plane on the rig flip). Didn't manage any 540s' though... in overpowered conditions it's harder for me to whole it through the last 180.

Also, was trying flakas like crazy but didn't manage any. Got 1-2 where I got 180... maybe 1 where I went past and lost it bringing the clew around.

Either way, it was an awesome day of freestyle with many people. To cap it off at the end, I brought along flaka beers to share.

Such a perfect session....

Weather Conditions

Holey winds, but I liked it as I could use the lulls to go for tricks, *fully* powered in the gusts though.

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