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Long weekend fun

Lake Erie Erie

Was down at da reef for the weekend. Lats of fun Saturday nailing about 3 hrs of awesome surf session on the sup. waves were not big...maybe waist high, but lots of fun.

Sunday, some guys set up their slalom gear and were ripping. Myself and a few others went wind SUPing near the barge and nailed a great 4 hr wave session. Took out the sea cow out for a while....She's going to be a handful to tame! Lots of chest high sets and lots of fun!

Monday was also fun doing a flat water paddle with a groupe of about 60 people!

Great weekend

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  SW 12-16 24




  Exocet 11'8 WindSUP, Ahd 7'6 windSUP/Chopper XL


  4 hrs.

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