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Welcome back whiplash - I must be getting old

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

The day after we returned from our belated honeymoon (midnight the night before) we had finished errands and the wind was blowing. The gang went to TI but I wanted a quick session so joined Kevin and Mary (and eventually Noemi) at the stick.

Felt great to be back on my own gear again. My body knew the motions but it felt strange to be windsurfing... I could still gybe and sail my stuff but it didn't feel as much like an extension of my body as it used to.... none-the-less managed 2 spocks some tacks and gybes.

Later in the session, went for a loop and made it around but on getting up it felt like I had a stiff neck. I tried to relax, thinking I had just tweaked it but it hurt so I came in, but not before sailing one final reach. Probably a mistake... on shore it hurt... alot.

As I write this the day after, I'm still out of commission. Lots of heat and ice and self massaging is having it not hurt but the first 12 hours was excrutiating.

I guess I'm not the spritely whippersnapper I used to be. Note to self... next time, give my body more than 18 hours to recover from a 26h transit and jetlag before trying to throw loops.

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Gusty winds with holes

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  NW 14-24




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  1 hrs.

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