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Freestyle Haskins session

San Francisco Bay Haskins

Broke my dry spell of freestyle and managed to get a spock, and 2 spock 540's. Also started back on flakas and had 2 attempts that managed to get to the 180 mark. One I managed to get a full 360 (sail steering in slow mo) before falling in, but I wouldn't count that even if I had sailed away.

Everybody was at Haskins, with a big gang leavign from the stick to head there. Graham, Onur, Joolz, Brad, Sofi, Asma, Peter and Zoe were some notable dawgs in attendance.

Kevin arrived late (during a lull) and

Had lots of fun and and many stayed out really really late until the mid was atrocious.

Weather Conditions

Light at first (schlogging 1/2 the time), then got to full power, then dropped to light before picking back up again, to a point where I was looking for lulls to do moves.

The Day at a Glance






  99L Skate/4.8


  1 hrs.

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