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Lake Erie Long Beach

Let's start with yesterday - big forecast, at the Parkette at east end of Long Beach by 12:15 - it is windy, but not super, waiting out the rain, sleet, hail, huge drop in wind, clouds start to break up, but wind doesn't hit the water, we haven't gone out and it's 3:30 so I de-rig the 5.0 I had waiting and just as I release the downhall, literally, WHAM, wind hits, and it hits hard. Re-rig quickly and hit the water for 20 minutes of physical abuse in overpowering conditions and waves that seemed to jack up instantly; then life calls and have to leave and go coach hockey.

Roll forward to today. No such committments. At Long Beach Conservation at 2:15. Quite a few people out. It's blowing W, guys & girls are on 4.0's to 5.0's. So out with a 5.0 on my new 7'8 Rogue. Works nice for awhile, then starts to rain hard and wind drops. Wait that out and get back on the water only to get blown off with the 5.0. Rig down to 4.0 - not bad, a little underpowered in the lulls but great in the gusts. It was a gusty day. Finished off at 6pm, thoroughly exhausted and satisfied. I needed that, after the last 2 days of mis-cues.

Weather Conditions

gusty, switchy winds; clouds broke around 5; huge waves, some setup nice to ride

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-30 15




  Rogue Wave 7'8"/Ezzy Wave Se 5.0 and Panther 4.0


  3 hrs.

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