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Lots of sailors, not lots of wind.

Lake Ontario West Point

Figuring it would be one of the last reasonable days in terms of temperature, was hoping to score a good west day. Less wind every time I checked the forecast but sailors were coming from everywhere. Almost didn't go but Team Durham and the boys in the big Yukon changed my mind. It was hike out to West Point and big stuff today. 5.9 was the call with only a very short time when that seemed a little big. Waves were very nice on occassion and before fatigue set in had some good frontside rides on some head high peeling waves. Water was still warm enough for bare head, hands and feet though. Gives me hope that there is at least one GOOD westerly Mac's day in the season. Dan is in Chile and several of the Montreal crew have migrated to Maui so the crowds have thinned...a little.

Weather Conditions

A breeze with odd directional changes, a few good sets and some nice sunshine by about 2 ish.

The Day at a Glance


  W -




  RRD Freestyle Wave 109/Simmer Icon 5.9


  3 hrs.

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