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Less than expected and loooong walk

Ontario West point

Nice video of the day here:

I was hoping for SW-W 25, but it was more like 20 W-NW.

Humming and haaing for a while and joined the rest of the crew at West Point.

Long walk with gear (Reiner did not bring his custom baby carriage/gear hauler) then came back to get a second set of gear when I realize I can be on smaller stuff.

The sun did come out for half the session and it was warm.

Water and waves were nice (small waves).

Some smooth front side onshore but nothing stellar.

Just nice to be out.

Sprained my ankle from landing from mast high to flat.

Very thankful for OW, my personal gear caddy at the end of the day. Owe you big one!

Nice dinner on the way back in Trenton at a family run restaurant. Throw back a few decades. Slept a lot while poor rINR was doing the driving.

Weather Conditions

Small waves

The Day at a Glance


  W 20-20 12




  Tabou PW 85/SF 5.0


  2 hrs.

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