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No Pain...No Gain

Lake Erie Erie

Posting this about 3 days after the fact since I've been too sucked in to watching the Aloha Classic live from Ho'okipa....Dang those guys rock

.....Which brings me to my sailing...Dang I suck....but always manage to get out of the water with a big fat smile on my face!....except for this session...where my expression was more of pain than anything else!

Conditions were kind of light with medium size waves, but an excellent wind direction to make it into s super fun session. I was hesitant to even go to the beach since I have a bust lower rib, But once there, I rigged, suited up fast, set the harness as tight and low as I can and hit the water. It wasn't long before the edge of the harness started gently nudging my bust rib. It was painful, but sailed through it. On one of the breaks, I traded harness with an Casey who has an NGR harness....seemed maybe a little better since more versatile in tension adjustment, but still, I was already damaged goods. Then Zeni suggested to try out a seat harness which he had in his car.....Haven't used one of those in years...didn't even know how to put it on!. Anyway, harness now far from the rib cage, it was way more comfey but felt so weird sailing in waves with such a low hook! Anyway managed another 1/2 hr and packed it in since pain was just too much. Just glad that through it all I still managed to pull a very few good rides!

This session should be rated as a 5, but for me, I was more preoccupied with the pain than with the waves!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  W 18-23 11




  Goya 92 Quad/Chopper XL


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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