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The Mental Battle

Lake Ontario Paradise Park

I knew I wanted to go,or should I saw, I needed to go? Spent the whole morning mentally waffling between going or not. Everything came together and I felt I could call it quits for the day. I started putting the pressure on Fathom, but that only yielded resistance to my mental battle. I got home and started to talk myself out of my plans, then the "screw it and go" kicked in and I loaded up. To my surprise, when I got there it was windier and warmer than I had anticipated. I scurried to rig and suit up, as Fathom dropped in to snap some quick photos before doing his house call. Once I finally got into my windsurfing attire a group of passersby were gathered to observe. It was kind of nice that they were there for the safety factor. Actually the whole time I was sailing there was always someone on shore watching, and when I would come of the water they were quick to strike up a conversation. I did spurts of sailing for 20 - 30 minutes at a time. I don't know why I came in because I was never cold. It was like my defense mechanisms, as vacant as they may be, were telling me it was a wise thing to do....go figure? The conditions were actually great with really nicely spaced sets on the inside and nice predictable logo to mast high sets traveling in the usual sets of three, with the third wave being the steepest and cleanest. Some of the swell outside was actually breaking and chasing the jibes...lots of fun! Lots of opportunity for jumping and front side practice, but I opted to play it safe with back side hits and only front side practice close to shore. The cold was a great deterrent to blowing jibes and I probably one fell in three times. Surprisingly the water wasn't "ice cream head - brain freeze"cold and the full sun kept me quite comfortable. This time I sailed butt naked under the Neil Pryde Zealot suit to reduce any blood flow restrictions, and once I kept the wrist straps undone on the glove there was no forearm fatigue. Once I had the sail perfectly tweaked to sail almost totally off the lines it made for some enjoyable and fun sailing. The only bummer, not having any other sailors there to share the stoke with. Fun times, and a great reward in the midst of winter.

Photographs courtesy of Fathom.

Weather Conditions

Nicely formed waves and constant side shore winds.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 22-28 0




  Exocet Wave 105L with Makani Kaku 26 cm/Ezzy Wave Panther 5.2M


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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