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Cold, a little offshore, but still Mac's

Lake ontario Max's Point

Was really hoping for a dandy today. Arrived to side off with a little too much off. Hung around until the gust seemed to be ripping more sideshore. Fathom and I could see the wind on the outside but were worried about getting out there. There were some very nice sets peeling in. Finally went 5.3 so I could get through the shorebreak. Plenty of wind for the quad too. Had a few turns and a few frontsides and then came in to rig down to a 4.7. As I was in, the wind kind of pooped out somewhat and then turned a little offshore again. Waited to see what would happen and then just had to go again. I M determined to sail EVERY chance I get this year so standing around in a wetsuit just waiting didn't cut it. Had to put on my big board to get out to the wind but overpowered 5.3 once I got there. Headed to Upper Mac's where some very nice waves were forming. Got about an hour of frontside In. Some very nice head high and better waves. Hard to really turn the FSW back up the wave but still some fast entries and good turns off the top. I remember now why I love this launch so much. It was cold today but only on my hands and face if I got sprayed or pounded by a wave.

I must just not be too fussy because I had a really good time by the end today. One of my favourite sessions of the year so far looking back. Would love another proper Mac's session SOON!

I am happy about the variety of sessions I had this week, the friends I got to sail with and am so stoked about this sport right now. Surprisingly - the obsession just seems to get stronger.

Weather Conditions

Slightly offshore NNW, solid wind outside, some dandy sets by the end.

The Day at a Glance


  NW -




  RRD 83 and 109/Simmer Icon 5.3


  2 hrs.

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