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Fun times at Crissy but a little too late

Central Bay Crissy Field

The day befoer at Crissy, people had an epic day up at the South Tower (Fort Point) riding head high waves coming through the golden gate. I had received a text from Kevin but didn't pull the trigger to go and regretted it today so went in hopes of maybe a redemption session.

Between leaving work late and the 55 mins of traffic to get there, I showed up a bit late but rigged up and went out. Z and James were coming back in to scale up their boards. With James on 5.0 and Z on 4.7, I went out 4.5.

I only got an hour on the water and didn't make it up to either of the towers. About half way up, pinching upwind like crazy, I kept hitting lulls which is annoying given the boat-traffic and the current.

I then saw Kevin bombing down-wind and lost sight of Z so assumed it was no good up at the south tower and decided to head back downwind to the main sailing area.

In the end, the wind was just getting more and more flukey and it kept dropping until it was hard to get on a plane, even with the rollers helping you out. The nice ramps of the first half hour all but dissapeared and eventually just had to call it quits. Still.... fun / beautiful spot.

Ian Jones did make it up to South tower with Kevin earlier (before the wind waned) and had the time of his life!

Weather Conditions

Not awful choppy, but still B&J. Some short & steep ramps for jumping but also some big rollers coming through.

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  86L Kode/4.5 Guru


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